tudor couture

Mary Tudor Portrait.jpg
Mary Tudor  x  Rodarte

I have been enraptured by the Tudor period ever since I can remember, thanks to my Mother. By the time I was seven I had memorized all of the names of Henry VIII's wives and how they died. Through that early knowledge I came to love portraits in general, but specifically Tudor portraiture.

Mix that together with my interest in fashion and you get...

Tudor Couture.

Mary Tudor, the younger sister of Henry VIII, is paired with Rodarte. To me, Mary seems like quite the go-getter and a burst of young, fresh, vibrant and feminine energy which matches wonderfully with Rodarte. You can learn more about Mary and how she became Queen of France at 18, later married in secret to a love match who happened to be her brother's best friend, and more interesting facts about her here.

Mary QofScots Portrait.jpg
Mary, Queen of Scots  x  Alexander McQueen

Mary, Queen of Scots has always fascinated me. She was almost 6 feet tall and seems to have been strong, brave, and a bit stubborn. But, she also seems to have moments of fragility and vulnerability woven into her story - one that sees darkness and tragedy. For this, I paired her with another Scot, Alexander McQueen

Anne Boleyn  x  Chanel Couture

My favorite Tudor period personality has always been and always will be, Anne Boleyn.  She spent earlier years at the French court, was sassy as hell, and gave birth to one of England's most cherished and loved rulers. My favorite fact is that she kept a King - known for being a womanizer - at bay and out of her bed for seven years. Until he agreed to make her Queen. She was even instrumental in Henry breaking from the Catholic church and creating the Church of England. What a badass. Granted, she ended up with her head on the chopping block but... c'est la vie. I have lovingly paired her with the one and only, Coco Chanel. (Couture Collections)