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"Kate is extremely talented and I can't wait to see what her next project will be!"

Kate Stewart age ten had a very, very big imagination.  She would day dream in class about what she would play when she got home.  She would play things like she would run off to a far away places and live in the wilderness.  One day the teacher woke her up from her day dream and told her there was only one week of school left and that there will be an awards assembly on the last day of school.  Kate was very happy about that there was only one more week of school left but she was disapounted because she knew that sence she always daydreamed during class she wouldn't get an award.  On the last day of school Kate went to the awards assembly.  She day dreamed through the whole thing but after a couple minuetes something caught her ear the person announced "The best imagination is Kate Stewart"

Kate's Imagination

A recommendation story by Carly Nicholson at age 10

Written in 1992

"Kate is one of the easiest stylists we've ever had the pleasure of collaborating with."


"She is one of the few professionals who are first on our list to call. If she's not available, we'll rethink our shoot dates."


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