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June 2023, Húsavík, Iceland

"Mission: Become an Ocean Ambassador and celebrate the declaration of the first Hope Spot in Iceland.


Join scientists, photographers and experts on the mission to explore the valuable marine and coastal habitats of the Hope Spot Area to gather critical scientific data to justify the importance of protecting these waters. The main themes would be science and conservation in Icelandic waters, sustainable tourism and sustainability. 

Aim: We will focus on the Hope Spot area. We will explore the natural wonders and gather valuable scientific information to argue the value of this natural habitat.

Wildlife: Wild islands with thriving bird life, remote beaches, breathtaking mountains, dramatic landscapes and crossing the Arctic Circle…Incredible bird colonies (Atlantic puffins, Northern gannets, guillemots, arctic terns…), big whales (humpback whales, minke whales, perhaps blue whales? ) and hands on experience of traditional sailing!

Science: We will study birds, whales, plastic pollution, plankton and climate change.

Sail with a purpose: Be part of a short documentary film and raise your voice for ocean protection. Be part of this exciting wave of change that we have created! All voices matter." --Ocean Missions


Multiple beach clean ups

Whale watching

Guided tour of the Whale Museum

Microplastic ocean collection

Microplastic data analysis & marine litter analysis (Ospar surveys) using data collected during the expedition

Trash to treasure workshop

Various talks from cetacean biologists, ornothologists, & other marine and pollution activists

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