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I help small businesses solidify their brand visually. A brand can say many things with copy, but what are your visuals saying about you, and how are those visuals making your audience feel?


I see so many small businesses struggle to create professional, cohesive, and genuinely beautiful visual experiences that communicate their values and desired personality. 

So, after working for over a decade in branding, marketing, and advertising, I decided to begin working with small businesses to craft their remarkable stories visually.


From creating an entire site from scratch or updating a current Wix site, I am here to help your business shine online. I love making websites that visually represent the personality of the brand; I love even more knowing that my customers do not have to pay an arm & a leg any time they want to make a simple update. With Wix, you can have access to make updates anytime you want - but I am always here if you ever need my help.

Social Media Content & Ads

I can help you look professional, aesthetic, and cohesive across your social media channels by creating branded templates that you can use over and over again. Let's chat about what you might need. From simple static Instagram posts to TikTok or YouTube intros or endcaps, I can create incredible visuals for your business.

Monthly services

Running the business and no time to create posts? I can help with that. Whether you already have the branding squared away or not, I can send a specific number of finished and branded posts that are ready to upload, or create a suite of ready-made templates. I always keep holidays and your events in mind and we can decide the voice you would like to have for your brand online.

A package example:

4 static posts, 4 carousel posts, 2 animated posts, 4 animated stories - delivered at the beginning of each month


Fully branded site including

     -creation of color palette & font library

     -creation of icons & graphics as needed

Blogs, galleries, video

Mobile optimization & basic SEO

Branded e-mail integration, domain registration and/or transfer


E-commerce integration via Wix, Printify, & other types of print-on-demand services

... & more

Content Capabilities

Static or animated posts and/or stories

Carousel images or ads

Video intros & endcaps

Curated graphic assets

Ready-to-use social templates in Canva or Shutterstock

Branded ads in a variety of sizes

...& more

Quick Audit & Makeover

Social needs a little help? I can create a curated and branded color palette, font family, icon & graphics, and copyright-free image collection for you which you will always have at your fingertips. This will help streamline your look across your platforms.



Beth Ladd / Beth Ladd Collections

I LOVE it! I'm so impressed that you were able to take my jumbled up mess of stuff that I've sent and really understand what I'm trying to convey right off the bat! 



Beth Ladd Collections has been in business for over 8 years and has grown quite a bit. While owner Beth loves using her primary platform, Instagram, to reach her clients, she also finds herself busier and busier with day-to-day operations, keeping an eye on product quality, and creating new and unique designs. She reached out for a bundle of social media templates that she could use, and that would help her save loads of time during her week. She also wanted to tighten up her brand visuals, ensuring her story was told genuinely to her audience. Helping create visuals that follow Beth as her once-only jewelry line evolves into a lifestyle brand was a pleasure and I cannot wait to follow along to see her new endeavors!


Maven Realty has been serving the Charleston, South Carolina metro area in residential and commercial real estate since 2017. Owner Troy reached out because, as usual, small business owners have a lot on their plate! He wanted to make his life a bit easier and get help creating branded social posts he could use on both Instagram and Facebook. He also wanted to stand out from the crowd by making them a bit more editorial and informational; not what you see every other real estate company or agent posting. I think it was a success!