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As the researcher and illustrator behind this project, I have meticulously curated a brief history of fish, Iceland, and Sjávarklasinn's pivotal role in the blue economy.

This 30+ page booklet was designed specifically for Sjávarklasinn - Iceland Ocean Cluster - while serving as an art resident there in the Spring of 2024. The aim was to weave together culture, storytelling, and branding into something the company could use in various ways.

One main goal was to try and showcase facts, figures, and concepts (such as 100% Fish) in an approachable and easily understandable way.

This comprehensive branded booklet serves as a versatile resource, equally suitable for digital distribution or physical printing, with modular sections allowing for tailored presentations or targeted client engagements.

Designed, illustrated, & researched by
Kate Scott Stewart
Research, Writing, Illustrations, Art Direction & Graphic Design: Kate Scott Stewart
TOOLS: Procreate, Canva, Adobe Illustrator
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