butterfly effect

The Assignment & Landscape
This initially began as part of a class assignment to design a board game. Being a self-proclaimed history nerd, I jumped at the opportunity to be in charge of the design and layout, and in creating the overall look and feel of this imagined board game.
The game is based on the "butterfly effect", the idea that one small change can have drastic consequences on the future.
Playing the Game
The object to the game is to continually "move forward in time" based upon your answers to historical questions. Players have the choice however to play a game of chance with answers that may or may not change the outcome of the future, and therefore, their place in the game.
Keeping Things Fresh
For players who enjoy particular periods in history like the Tudor rule or the French Revolution, expansion packs can be added to the original two pieces to create new versions for new players and old to enjoy.
Playing the Game
I had an incredibly fun time creating the history that could have happened and wording it in creative and lighthearted ways. 
My Role
Strategy, Art Direction, Copy
Playing the Game
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