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A sound exhibition that transcends folklore to evoke empathy for the ocean's inhabitants. Traditional selkie folktales from Iceland, the Orkney Islands, the Hebrides, and the Faroe Islands serve as a catalyst for contemplation.


The exhibition delves into the dual existence of selkies—seals with the ability to transform into humans—and the shared environments they inhabit with humanity. Through a captivating soundscape, "A Selkie Tale" invites visitors to close their eyes, listen, and feel the interconnected lives of seals and humans. 


Immerse yourself in the echoes of the ocean, resonating with the magic and mystery of selkie lore. The project not only captivates with its auditory allure but challenges assumptions about the human-animal connection, urging us to become stewards of the seas. "A Selkie Tale" invites you to become one with the selkies, and aims to leave you with a deepened appreciation for the intricate dance between nature, humanity, and the call for environmental stewardship.

Recommendation: audio sound enhanced with headphones
a selkie tale.png
Written and read by Kate Scott Stewart
TOOLS: Audacity, dearVR Micro, Canva, iMovie
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